Catapult Inventory Handheld Terminal

Leverage existing staff with the Catapult Handheld Terminal

The Power of Inventory Mobility

An inventory hand held terminal (HHT) can be worth its weight in gold by improving the efficiency of your staff in inventory data collection and entry. Working seamlessly with electronic worksheet systems, the HHT can be loaded with one or more worksheets. An employee takes the terminal to the loading dock or through the aisles to quickly and accurately scan items. The HHT prompts for the appropriate input, and when the job is done, indicates the data is ready to upload to a workstation.

The Catapult inventory handheld terminal assists with common retail tasks such as fast price spot checks and overrides, shipping and receiving, price promotions, and physical inventory. Just imagine finding an item on your shelf that needs a price update: scan the item with the Catapult HHT, enter and save the new price, and seconds later the new price rings up at the checkout counter. Imagine finding an item out of stock: scan the shelf tag and find out if there are any more on hand, if not, start a Purchase Order on the HHT for that vendor, add the item and how many you think you need, save. Later, you can edit and email the PO when you get back to the office.

With Catapult software solutions, you can have control and efficiency in the palm of your hand!

Catapult HHT on the Apple App Store

Catapult offers their user friendly inventory system on the Apple App Store, which provides off-the-shelf seamless integration with Apple iPod, Apple iPhone, and Apple iPad hand held devices. This option offers Catapult retailers a low cost, fast to deployment, easy to learn and use option for inventory management for nearly any retail environment.

Catapult WebCat HHT Application

For larger or more demanding retail environments looking for a ruggedized inventory handheld option, Catapult has the answer. The Catapult inventory handheld terminal software is also licensed as browser-based application with the same easy to use interface. This means that the Catapult Inventory Handheld application can be run on any platform with a web browser, making the Catapult HHT application hardware agnostic.

Available HHT Workflow

  1. Price Check Worksheet
  2. Price Change Worksheet
  3. Price & Cost Change Worksheet
  4. Purchase Order Worksheet
  5. Inventory Maintenance Worksheet
  6. Physical Inventory Worksheet
  7. Receiving Without A Purchase Order Worksheet
  8. Inventory Transfer Worksheet


  • Quickly & easily build Purchase Orders from anywhere in the store or warehouse
  • View and accept or modify suggested order quantities (based on auto-replenishment forecasting data) directly the from app interface
  • Review past order history by item
  • Perform price spot checks
  • Check current and past inventory levels
  • Make inventory adjustments from the sales floor
  • Build orders by aisle, department, or store and items will be associated to the correct supplier using Auto-Defaultâ„¢ technology
  • Quickly scan and receive new items
  • Manage Direct Store Deliveries (DSD) and reduce fraud and error
  • Change item prices and print new shelf labels (with mobile label printer)
  • Zero-stock scanning for loss prevention
  • Real-time communication across store system

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