E-Commerce – WebCart Click & Collect

Day-to-day tasks are more connected, automated, and optimized than ever before and shopping is no exception.

Demand for digital e-commerce is creating a retail future where needs can be instantly communicated and instantly met. To keep customers coming back, physical retailers must leverage the local connection to the consumer while still evolving. Catapult® WebCart™ is a revolutionary click-and-collect solution that is a seamless part of the Catapult Retail POS ecosystem that allows brick and mortar stores to step seamlessly into the digital realm. Click and Collect 2.0 represents a next generation approach to retailing, the ability to complete a transaction online, and receive the same dynamic transactional experience when shopping in the store, no matter how complex the transaction.

Perfect Data Everywhere

No matter where your shoppers are or how they wish to communicate their needs, Catapult’s single platform solution is able to accommodate the sale and provide up-to-date data in real time. Whether online or in-store, shoppers will have a captivating experience that will keep them coming back.

Unified Transaction Logic

WebCart can execute any promotion or pricing scheme, no matter how complex, just like a transaction that occurs in the store. Customer loyalty rewards work online too, just as your customer would expect.

Simple payment options

After submitting orders through WebCart, shoppers can pay for their goods securely online, in-store, or at the drive thru. When making a web order, credit authorization tokens gathered while shopping at the store can be used.

Purchase History

Shoppers can review past purchases made online or in the store.

Promotion notifications

Baskethub, a consumer mobile app, allows customers to be notified of available promotions, view e-coupons, and keep track of punch card rewards at WebCart-ready stores.

Health attributes

Online items can display nutritional information, ingredients, and attributes such as Gluten-Free, Vegan, and Local using the same label/coding system as in the store.

Item Lookups and Filters

Blazing-fast item lookups make baskets sizes bigger and keep time-conscious customers coming back.

Increase engagement with new and existing customers

A well-run online storefront takes care of customers with the same zeal and attention that your associates aim to provide in your physical store. When you implement WebCart as your click-and-collect solution, you’re not simply getting a solution but an engine for opportunity. WebCart opens a new and accessible avenue to promote positive customer interactions and boost your profits.

Streamline the operational side of Click & Collect

Catapult streamlines the picking process in a manner that dramatically increases productivity and pick transaction accuracy through Unified Transaction Logic. Using this elegant approach provides many benefits over existing picking systems:

Harmonious data

Real time inventory synchronization between “brick” locations and “click” storefronts prevents oversells, price discrepancies, and missed sales opportunities.

Transactional order picking

You will never have to re-ring an order at a POS station. For example, whenever substitutes and or item corrections occur during the picking process, the system automatically re-transacts.

Fast / Multi-Order picking

Routes attendants through the grocery order pick using the most efficient path through the specific store location. The attendant can also pick multiple orders at once, allowing for a single pass through the store location.

SMS Text Alert

Automatically alerts the customer with text or email when their order has been picked and is ready for pickup.

Bag Tracking

Keeps track of where each bag, within a specific order, is located within the store. For example, bagged frozen items might be kept separate from produce items, until the moment the customer is ready to pickup.

Easily build your digital storefront operations

WebCart is a vital part of the single platform solution that ECRS provides to our community of retailers through Catapult. If you’ve decided to take your first steps into the larger world of online retail, we’ll be with you on the journey to ensure easy implementation.

No New hardware Needed

Use Catapult Web Office to manage your WebCart store and Catapult POS or a mobile terminal for handling customer orders.

No Data Imports Required

Because WebCart utilizes bi-directional synchronization, prices, product information, sales, rewards, and customer data are the same online and in-store.

Totally Customizable

Use your own branding, graphics, advertisements, promotions, and menu preferences to keep a consistent store image.

Data-Driven Automation

Launching a new WebCart site is a breeze, compared to a traditional Web store solution. The system automatically configures itself, based on the item data within Catapult’s item management system.

Free Available Item Content

When you’re part of the ECRS User Community you have free access to free content found in the ECRS UPD (Universal Product Database) which has information on nearly half million item records. This can include product images, ingredients, and even supplier catalog data.