Bar POS next to Happy Bartender

Speed at the POS is critical to any bar’s success.

Proudly serving Toronto since 1979

Armagh POS Solutions is your trusted local provider of Point of Sale systems for bars in the Toronto area. When you partner with us, you’ll get a multi-channel programming POS solution that becomes the data infrastructure for all your revenue centers, both on-premise and online, whether you own a single 

bar or multiple locations. Contact us today to speak to a Bar POS systems consultant.

Bar Tabs Made Simple

When it comes to speed, we exceed the limit. Global Restaurant POS has a bar POS “speed screen” that displays the top sellers, the items which typically account for over 80% of sales. “Fast-Cash” sales couldn’t be quicker: Tap the drink items, the Fast Cash button, and you’re done.

Opening new tabs is just as simple: Tap the drink items, then the New Tab button, and the POS automatically creates a tab number. You can manually enter a customer’s name with a new tab. Later, when searching for a customer’s tab, you can sort open tabs with customer names by alphabetical order!

Only One Cloud Database To Maintain

The Cloud Database on Global Restaurant POS becomes the data infrastructure for all your revenue centers – your Bar POS, Mobile POS, Restaurant POS, Self-Service Kiosk, Loyalty App, and Online Ordering all come from the same multi-channel programming platform. Change a price or add a menu item at any time from any where, and it updates all your platforms automatically.

Gone are the days when you needed a separate database for all of your sales channels. No more servers on the premises, either.
Are you running multiple bars or nightclubs? No problem. Global Restaurant POS can manage that too – all from one easy management console.

Full POS Redundancy

The reliability of the Global Restaurant POS system is remarkable. Not only does it not require a back office server, Global Restaurant POS doesn’t require a connection to the internet to run. Open and print guest checks even send orders to the kitchen and the bar, all without internet access.

Easy Doubles

With only one touch, the bartender can change a drink to a double. The POS automatically adjusts the item’s pricing and calculates the inventory reduction according to the drink’s size. The size matrix in Global Restaurant POS makes tracking and maintaining doubles very easy.

Timed Menu Pricing

The Global Restaurant Bar POS can automatically change menu item prices based on the time or day for happy hour, entertainment, or other promotions.

Quick Tab Transfer

Incoming bartender’s can pick up one or all open tabs from an outgoing bartender with a single touch. A bartender can easily transfer one or more bar tabs to a server.

Blind Drops

You can ensure staff integrity by forcing bartenders to account for the cash in their drawers by performing “blind drops” without a target total. These drops are included in POS reports, which managers can later use to reconcile their bartender’s cash drawers.

Time & Attendance

Forget the traditional “punch clock” because Global Restaurant has the ability to track labour hours at the point of sale. Global Restaurant can manage various labour rates depending on the staff member and the job they will be performing. Based on the department selected, the POS assigns the correct labor rate for labor cost analysis and configures the correct features and security. Restaurant staff can also use the POS to manage break schedules and edit any clock in errors.

3rd Party Interfaces

Leveraging Global Restaurant’s built-in API, Global Restaurant POS enables third party products to easily interface to it so that bars and night club operators can continue to use the management tools they’ve grown accustomed to, while capitalizing on the power and speed of Global Restaurant POS. Liquor and beer tracking systems, food inventory systems, labour management, customer loyalty and points programs, cloud-based “top down” reporting systems, integrated accounting, and dozens of other interfaces already exist to the industry’s most popular products for restaurant.

Repeat Item

Bartenders who have particular customers all have stories about complicated cocktails with a long list of ingredients. Don’t want to have to re-enter your guest’s specially requested 2 oz gin, simple syrup, cream, lemon juice, dash of orange flower water, 1 egg white and club soda again? Touch the item and press Repeat and you’ve conquered that bad boy. Your bartenders may be a little shaken, but not stirred by repeated complicated cocktails. (If you’re curious it’s a Ramos Gin Fizz)

Happy Bartender with Wireless Handheld Bar POS

Handheld POS

Global Restaurant’s wireless handheld POS for bars and nightclubs enables bartenders to receive and send orders without moving from the service area or running to and from a stationary terminal. Equipped with belt-printers bartenders are completely independent to provide all aspects of bar service, from crowded cocktailing, event management, table service, and more. Global Restaurant mobile POS works on any platform, including Windows, Apple iOS, and Android!

Global Restaurant makes mobile POS look easy.

Wired and Wireless Payments

Integrated payments streamline transactions making them more efficient, prevents key-entry errors, can reduce payment fraud, and practically eliminates the time to reconcile electronic payments. When using Global Restaurant POS, service staff can wirelessly connect to the POS using the pinpad to recall checks and accept credit or debit cards for full or partial payments, split a check between multiple customers by item or amount – and the pinpad will close the check automatically when the check is completed and fully paid without the service staff having to return to the POS to close it manually.

Is your operation more over-the-counter than table-service? No problem. We can accommodate quick-service locations with a tethered pinpad solution as well.

Integrated Table Management

Because you’re using Global Restaurant, you have access to Global Restaurant’s powerful suite of graphical table management tools. Pubs and bars that have a table service component to their business won’t have to sacrifice speed at the bar for management in the restaurant if they’re using Global Restaurant!

Bar POS Reporting & Alerts

Need to stay connected to your bar POS 24/7? Global Restaurant’s optional mobile reporting app is what you need! Download our app from the Apple Store or from Google Play and connect to your restaurant’s data stored in the cloud whenever you need information. Improve your mobile control by assigning a variety of reporting criteria and receive automatic alerts for key metrics such as the total # of checks, tables, sales, voids, refunds, and more. On or offsite, with Global Restaurant, you’ll never miss a beat again!