ArmGuard Cloud Backup

ArmGuard Cloud Backup

How are you backing up your POS data? A good rule of thumb is that if you don’t know the answer to that simple question, then you need to assume that a backup isn’t happening. If it includes tapes, thumb drives, or sporadic manual processes that rely on fallible human tendencies, you’re probably doing it wrong. When was the last time you checked your data? Who monitors the status of backups and file sizes? These are critical questions that assess whether or not you are prepared for a hardware failure or if you’re at serious risk of loss of your critical point of sale systems data.

What is ArmGuard Cloud Backup?

ArmGuard is an offsite cloud backup service that is installed on your retail or restaurant hardware that automatically backs up critical point of sale system data and any other critical files identified by the merchant and sends them securely to offsite storage servers. The backups are set up and scheduled to occur when your store or restaurant is closed and you’re not using the POS system. Because the data is kept offsite it’s protected from catastrophic events such as floods or fire.

How Does It Work?

ArmGuard can backup entire drive images, or you can save on storage space by just backing up critical POS databases. It can be used on servers or workstations, on POS databases, or any critical retail or restaurant data that you have on any computer in your business. Armagh technicians install the application for you and schedule it for automatic backups at a time and in a way that makes sense for your business case. Then, they monitor it to make sure it keeps backing up your important POS data. Once the full POS data backup is completed, the system uses minimal internet bandwidth and completes quickly each night because it incrementally backs up only the changes that are made on a daily basis.

Key Backup Features & Benefits:

  • Full image backup
  • Document, file, and folder backup
  • Windows and MacOS backup
  • Cloud-only, local-only, and hybrid storage options
  • End-user self-service file restore
  • Fast and easy file restore
  • Bare metal restore
  • Monitored for success
  • 24/7 emergency restoration support

Peace of Mind

Never forget to do your backups again! Backups are scheduled daily. When backups are completed, you are notified automatically by email with a backup status report, indicating the total number of files successfully backed up, and the total amount of storage used. Our technicians are also notified so that we can assist you in maintaining your data security and act proactively by alerting and working with you on any challenges that may arise.