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Mobile POS The Perfect Order At Bobby’s Hideaway

DD Mobile POS drives service and sales at popular diner

If you visit Bobby’s Hideaway for breakfast on a weekend you’d better be prepared to line-up.

They serve up 650 to 750 breakfast plates each Saturday and Sunday morning out of the 100-seat diner located on Queen Street in the heart of Streetsville.

And thanks to iPad Minis running Digital Dining Mobile POS, the wait is never long, says Bob Ciprovski, owner of the popular Mississauga restaurant that is always packed on Saturday and Sunday mornings as well as most weekdays.

Business hasn’t always been this brisk, adds Bob.

“When I bought this place 19 years ago we weren’t very busy, and I was always looking for ways to increase business. I added seats and did some other things. Finally, I thought maybe a better POS system would help. We chose Digital Dining because of its hand-held mobile POS capabilities.”

Working with the team from Armagh POS, Bob discovered the best solution for DD mobile POS hand-helds was the iPad Mini. After a brief transition to get staff used to entering orders on the hand-held devices, the results came quickly and in dramatic fashion.

“The introduction of this technology increased daily breakfast sales by at least $500,” notes Bob. “There is no wasted time because our servers are entering orders directly at the tables, and then sending them to the kitchen instead of writing them once on order pads and then entering them again at a POS station.”

Customers love the system because food gets to the table faster than ever before. “Our customers are fascinated by it. They are surprised that a little independent has this kind of technology, but they don’t see it in in any of the bigger chains.

“The biggest advantage though is speed. Our customers know that once they sit down, they’ll have their food within five to 10 minutes even when the place is packed.”

Armagh’s expertise and responsive service team made the transition to the new system as painless as possible, Bob adds. “I’d definitely recommend Armagh and Digital Dining Mobile POS to any restaurant operator.”

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